Deeds - Orb Weaver - 440ml Can

Deeds - Orb Weaver - 440ml Can

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The silent guardians of the vineyard. Creeping along self made pathways with eight legs skittering, eyes with a 360 view watching. Now it’s time to wait, as still as a morning lake.

Then it happens. That faint twitch, echoing along hallowed webs, as an intruder changes status to sustenance.

The Orb Weaver moves in slowly, there's no need to rush, as food is waiting. The Orb Weaver is a big Hazy DIPA fermented with Shiraz must. Dry hopped with classic hops that offer up wine-like flavours alongside a hint of hibiscus to give an unforgettable colour.

To the Orb Weaver, may you not cross paths with one unexpectedly.

ABV  8.5%

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