Yeastie Boys (Australia) - Raised on Robbery 330ml Can - Single

Yeastie Boys (Australia) - Raised on Robbery 330ml Can - Single

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Raised on Robbery is an Australian exclusive – a super pale Pacific IPA with tropical fruit, grapefruit, a touch of pine, and a sneaky hint of je ne sais quoi in the gently spicy finish.We took the opportunity of a visit from our good friend Kieran Haslett-Moore, of North End Brewing in New Zealand, back in February 2019 to learn about his delicious, gently spiced, Super Alpha pale ale. Inspired by Kieran’s wisdom and experience, we created a UK-only cask beer called Captain Planet and have now robbed, remixed, and remastered that idea to create this Australian-only release. Lambent gold, with the tropical and winy new world hop aromatics that we’ve all come to expect from Pacific Rim beers.


Raised on Robbery also throws in some irreverent but delicious new world twists into the mix. We’ve added a pinch of North End’s signature Indian coriander with the hops and it’s all highlighted by the gentle fruit derived from a cool American ale fermentation. With a naming nod towards the classic Joni Mitchell song, rather than Australia’s colonial roots, Raised on Robbery is a hat tip to friends brewing with friends. Having fun, learning from each other, and drinking good beer in the sun.

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